Empathetic & Pissed Off

Episode Air Date: 2/21/19

Hot Off the Bench Press

Barkley Wins Planet Fitness

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Timber for Husqvarna

Check out the microsite and find your tree match.

Miller Light Claps Back at Bud Light

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Advertisers Pull Ads From YouTube

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Jason Peterson Opens “The Times”

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Read his pitch:


The ad agency model has lost relevance. Traditional agencies no longer provide utility or value for today’s clients, but the times have changed.

Meet The Times, a content and culture advertising agency where Producers and Creators take client briefs and produce the highest quality, most relevant and engaging content for social and traditional advertising channels. Our work doesn’t simply check the box; it detonates hype and frenzy. We are the all-stars of social media, creating branded work not in theory but in self practice. Our work is diverse and inclusive and rooted in culture.

The Times operates on a simplified compensation model: we charge a modest monthly retainer to cover the cost of our Producers and Creators. All agency costs are covered within the retainer and production expenses are minimal. Our state-of-the-art studio is at the service of our client’s ideas. Our lights, cameras, drones, and iPhones turn cultural concepts into content in just seconds, minutes, at most hours.

We look to service clients who are in search of an honest and simple way to fill their content channels; clients who are secure in their own brand-identity and have an understanding of their consumer’s ever-changing, modern landscape.

Petronas Malaysia - Chinese New Year

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2019’s Spot:

Sandy’s Six Pack Story: #MeToo PSAs

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Ashley’s Six Pack Story: #NatureIsSpeaking

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