The 2nd Annual Rock Hard Ad Awards

Episode Air Date 2/8/19

The Flaccid Ad Award (Ashley’s Choice): Skechers

The Flaccid Ad Award (Sandy’s Choice): SimpliSafe

The Wrong Audience Award: Burger King’s Eat Like Andy

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The Reason Why You Hire an Agency and Don’t Do Creative In-House Award: MintMobile

The Good Idea, Bad Execution Award: Stella Artois

The Over-It Award: Washington Post

The Am I Missing Something Award and the Most Predictable, Yet Satisfying Award: Bud Light and Game of Thrones

The Most Empowering Award: Bumble

The Best Use of Celebrity Award: Bubly

The LOL Award: Dietz Nuts

The Hey, That’s Not Yours Award: Hyundai

Saatva’s Version

The Coolest Car Award: Mercedes

The Biggest Lost Opportunity Award: Toyota

The Biggest Letdown Part 1: Avocados from Mexico

The Biggest Letdown Part 2: Amazon

The Fave Celeb Appearance: Pepsi with Cardi B

The I Don’t Like It Award: TurboTax

The Ad I Watched Over and Over and Over Again:

The Biggest Social Win Award: Planters

The 8-Pack Award (Ashley’s Choice): Microsoft

The 8-Pack Award (Sandy’s Choice): T-Mobile

Other Spots We Referenced:



Michelob Ultra ASMR


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