2018's Best and Worst Father's Day Ads

Father's Day ads have come a long way. Dads are no longer portrayed as bumbling idiots who may not be capable of keeping their kids alive. But I wonder if marketers are overcorrecting. Pretty much every Father's Day ad this year is a tear-jerker. Now, I'm not afraid to sit in front of my computer and sob for a few minutes at an emotional montage, but come on people, give me something to laugh at too.

We've compiled some of our fave and least-fave dadvertising campaigns from 2018:

The Best

Stella Artois

Even though almost every ad was a tear-jerker, this was by far the best one that made our faces leak.


They found a creative way to incorporate the product and make us feel things at the same time.


Classic dad stuff.

Boston Pizza 

This pizza chain is not in Boston, but Canada. Despite their confusing and misleading name, this brand channeled Domino's for a simple, yet creative pizza innovation.


This account is severely underrated. They came through with a savage tweet today.

The Worst


All dads must wear ties. If they don't, are they even dads?


"Happy [insert current holiday here]! Celebrate said holiday with one of our awesome products we never stop pushing in your face!"

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 1.29.10 PM.png


Hey Snickers, are you hungry? Cause you can do better.