The Superest Ads

Episode Air Date: 2/8/18

The Obnoxious Gym Selfie Award: Skittles

Biggest Trick Award: Tourism Australia

The Can You Spot Me Bro? Award: Doritos and Mountain Dew

Best Bill Hader Impression: Pringles

The Remember to Stretch First Award: Dodge

The Ad No One Will Follow Up On Award: Squarespace

Wix Spot with Rhett and Link

The Do You Even Lift, Bro? Award: Wendy's


Y'all freeze that live feed?

— Wendy's (@Wendys) February 5, 2018

Biggest LOL Award: Avocados from Mexico

The Flaccid Ad Award/Most Cringeworthy: Kraft

The Biggest Duh Award: Coca-Cola

Diet Coke Spot

Best Trailer: Westworld

Sprint Spot

Well It's Not a Tide Ad Award: Persil

Biggest Bullshit Award: Hyundai

Biggest Almost Award: Groupon

Fucking Girl Power/ Dropping Weights and Grunting Award: Olympics - Lindsey Vonn

Sandy's Fave Commercial Award: Amazon Alexa

The 8-Pack Ads Award: It's a Tide Ad

Honorable Mention: Toyota