While the Account Manager's Away

The land of advertising is unpredictable. The hours. The clients. The coworkers. And sometimes that unpredictability throws a wrench in your plans. What I'm trying to say in a total roundabout way, is - there's no new episode this week. Stuff came up, and we didn't get to record before Sandy left for her fabulous Southeast Asia vacation.

But it's okay. We'll all get through it. Life goes on.


The next two weeks of episodes will be me (Ashley, duh) and a special guest! While the account person is away, the copywriters will play. My copywriter boyfriend will be joining me on the show for the next two weeks because he totally volunteered, and I am totally not forcing him to do it.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some advertising news from the week, so you can get your Hot Off the Bench Press fix.

Pandora Launches New Brand Incentive Ads

Pandora has been testing a media program for the last year that allows users to get free skips or replays by watching an ad. They're launching it with T-Mobile and a few other advertisers and have already seen great results. Basically, it's like one of those addicting tap games that give you free dragon eggs for watching a 30 second ad. Yay!

Read the article.


Ikea Releases Augmented Reality App

With the help of 72andSunny, Ikea just released a brand new app that lets you use AR to Ikea-ify your room. The app helps you piece together real-size furniture and visualize your decor dreams. I tried it out in our "recording studio", and needless to say, it's something an interior decorator would envy.

Get the app.

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