Meet Me in the Creepy Basement

Episode Air Date: 7/20/17

This week in ad news, two giant clients (hey that rhymes) are up for review, and Trump Jr. became an iconic coverboy with an even more iconic word-stache.

Then, Sandy perked us up with memorable Starbucks campaigns, and Ashley told us about one of the most disturbing campaigns there ever was.

Pepsi Up For Review

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Banned Pepsi Commercial

Britney Spears' Pepsi Commercial

Trump Jr. on the Cover of Time

McDonald's Up For Review

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Sandy's Six-Pack Story: Starbucks

"Good Feels Good" Spot:

"Meet Me at Starbucks" Spot:

Ashley's Six-Pack Story: Calvin Klein

Check out this article listing a number of controversial Calvin Klein ads.

Brooke Shields for Calvin Klein

Mark Wahlberg & Kate Moss

Orgy Billboards

The Most Disturbing Calvin Klein Video