It's Finger Lickin' Bad

Episode Air Date: 7/27/17

This week in ad news, we talked about Subway's kinda not new look, the return of a show Ashley really needs to watch, the fastest new business pitch ever, tequila replacing water, a disappointing shark race, and the ad agency behind "Winter is Coming".

Then, Sandy took us through the many faces of the infamous Colonel Sanders (from bad to great), and Ashley raged over a recent Toyota campaign.

Blue Sky Soda's Farm to Table Dinner

Subway's New Look

McDonald's Narrows 60 Agencies Down to 7

Read the article

Jose Cuervo Replaces Water with Tequila

Read the article

Michael Phelps "Races" a Shark

Read the article

Westeros Design

Check out the site.

A word cloud for direwolves:

Sandy's Six-Pack Story: KFC

"Fun in the Sun" Spot

"KFC x WWE" Spot

"Nashville Secret" Spot

Rob Lowe's KFC Spot

George Hamilton "Extra Crispy" Spot

Rob Riggle "Bad Call" Spot

Side note: we just realized the "people" in the stand are mannequins. Love it.

Billy Zane "Arm Wrestling" Spot

Side note: the guy we were trying to remember (the one that recently died and was in Titanic) was Bill Paxton. 

Norm Macdonald as the Colonel

Jim Gaffigan as the Colonel

Darrell Hammond as the Colonel

Ashley's Six-Pack Story: Toyota C-HR

Fairy Tale Spots (also really bad)