All You Need Is a Hand and a Mattress

Episode Air Date: 8/3/17

This week in ad news, Starbucks closed the door on our tea-shaped hearts, Amazon continued to take over the world, Fox will be testing 6-second ads because millennials, Coke Zero got the axe, and Denny's and fake Diplo got into a Twitter feed.

Then, Sandy made us all jealous of her sleeping situation by telling us about Casper's marketing, and Ashley got racy with her favorite campaigns adult website.

Starbucks Closing Teavana

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Amazon Up For Review

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Fox to Test 6-Second TV Spots

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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

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Denny's and "Diplo's" Twitter Feud

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Sandy's Six-Pack Story: Casper

Weird Bunny-Cat Hybrid 


Weird Bunny-Cat Hybrid Turns Into a Dog


Ashley's Six-Pack Story: Pornhub


Dirty Grandpa Holiday Spot

Most Recent Spot - "Pornhub Taught Me"