Cards Against Humanity Saves America: Day 1

From Ashley:

I don't think I've ever been more excited to get a pile of bills, mail sent to the wrong address, "current resident" love letters, and paperwork that I'll put in my to-read-and-file drawer and never actually open. Why? Because Day 1 of Cards Against Humanity's holiday campaign was part of that pile. Yep, it finally arrived. Let's get to the good shit:

Obvi I'm not gonna show you the whole envelope (creeper).


The best part of the intro letter is the "I love you" sendoff. Those copywriters, man.


That's right, I helped by .000667% of some land.

That's probably the most land I'll ever be able to afford. #ThanksTrump


All the legal stuff.

Those lawyers mean business. Anti-Trump business that is.


This illustrated map has so many little nuggets to find.

Sally Fields. Tim Meadows. Jonah Hill. The random Smash Mouth concert with one fan. (Side note: I saw Smash Mouth in concert a few years ago and it was freakin' awesome. Haters gonna hate.)

Extra cards as usual.

I feel like that card in the bottom left will get used quite often.

What will Day 2 bring? Who knows. It's Card Against Humanity, so it could be literally anything. Stay tuned!