California Gamin'

Episode Air Date: 11/9/17

Hot Off the Bench Press

Barton F. Graf's ACA Spot

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Used Car Commercial

Papa John's Kinda Cut Ties with the NFL But Also Kinda Doesn't

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Follow-Up: KFC Twitter Followers

Painting for the Guy Who Discovered It


"Souped-Up Personalized Marketing" from Salesforce and Google

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Sandy's Six-Pack Story: Visit California's Dream365

Check out the microsite that isn't actually a microsite, but Sandy wanted to call it one anyway.

YouTube Takeover

Ashley's Six-Pack Story: Call of Duty "There's a Soldier in All of Us"

Black Ops: Kobe Bryant & Jimmy Kimmel

Black Ops 2: Megan Fox

Modern Warfare 3: Jonah Hill & Dwight Howard

Black Ops 3 - Michael B. Jordan, Cara Delevingne & Marshawn Lynch

The Atlantic article - "Call of Duty's Twisted Advertising Campaign"

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Jeep Wrangler - Black Ops Edition

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